The Lung


Updated April 28, 2108

* Air pollution permanently inhibits lung growth in children. In fact prenatal exposure can reduce fetal lung development, impairing lung function in childhood.

* Brief exposure to ozone and particulate matter reduce lung function even in young healthy adults and the reduction can last for a week after the pollution exposure is over.

* Air pollution causes lung cancer.

* Long term ozone exposure causes an increase in overall mortality in addition to that from particulate matter. Most of the mortality is respiratory.

* Air pollution exacerbates virtually all pulmonary diseases and likely plays a causative role in reactive airways disease, and some cases of COPD.

* Air pollution is associated with increased rates of serious lower respiratory infections, and hospitalization and death from most respiratory diseases from neonates to the elderly.

* The correlation between the above health outcomes and ozone are still found at concentrations between one half and one third the current EPA  National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

*Early life exposure to pesticides is associated with decreased lung function

*Air pollution causes DNA damage and cell death to lung cells and erodes the nasal mucosa.

[Medical References]

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