Letter Released from Outdoor Industry Coalition for Clean Air to Utah Legislators

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Letter Released from Outdoor Industry Coalition for Clean Air to Utah Legislator

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(January 23, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT) – An outdoor industry coalition and Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment have sent the attached letter to Governor Gary R. Herbert and Utah legislators last Friday, Jan. 20, in anticipation of the start of this week’s legislative session and recognition of the importance of better air quality for the outdoor industry.

The body of the letter may be found below.  The eleven outdoor businesses that have signed on to the letter include: Alta Ski Area, Armada Skis,  Black Diamond Equipment, Experticity, Goal Zero, Gregory Mountain Products, Patagonia SLC, Petzl, Scott Sports, Snowsports Industry America and Wasatch Touring.




We, the members of the Outdoor Industry, care deeply about our health and believe that good air quality is integral to the success of our industry.  We are teaming up with Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) to bring attention to Utah’s air quality, the impact it has on public health and the outdoor industry, and to influence positive changes to our environment.

The Utah Outdoor Industry employs 65,000 people and adds $5.8 billion to Utah’s economy (Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation website). Many people move to Utah and decide to STAY for the beautiful landscapes and diverse outdoor experiences, including skiing, hiking/backpacking, biking, climbing and much more. Per Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s office: “Poor air quality increases health care costs, discourages recruitment of businesses and talent, dampens tourism, and is a black eye to the perception of Utah.”

We recognize that the quality of the air we breathe is critical to our health and our industry’s future. As a coalition, we are committed to taking action that will help improve and preserve Utah’s air quality, for our employees, our families, our friends and our customers who love the outdoors. With this interest, we support the right of Utahns to breathe clean air, make informed decisions regarding clean air and build a better way of life.

We urge our leaders to please make decisions that create a healthier and cleaner environment.  Our livelihood and our loved ones depend on you.


Outdoor Industry Coalition Members

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