Letter to the Clean Air Caucus

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September 19, 2017

Dear Clean Air Caucus Co-Chairs:

We understand that you have invited James Enstrom to speak to the Caucus this evening.  I’m sharing with you a letter signed by the Board of Directors of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment as our organization is deeply concerned about the misleading messages that he will leave the group. His research contradicts the conclusions of numerous other research on air pollution and health.  This is demonstrated in the appendix of studies that we have included in this letter.

I would like to say that I am very proud of the composition of UPHE’s Board. Since I joined UPHE more than a year ago, our Board has developed into a group with decades of medical expertise and who care deeply for the community.  We have two pulmunologists, a cardiologist, an OB-GYN, an anesthesiologist and an ER doctor, not to mention a member of media and a representative from the business sector.  I hope that you would share this letter with your colleagues who are part of the Caucus and take a few moments to read this prior to or after the meeting.

We thank the Clean Air Caucus for all you’ve done to improve our air quality. We believe that you will keep on doing so with the dedication and commitment to stand up and speak out for the health of Utah’s families.


Denni Cawley

Executive Director


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