Miscellaneous health consequences of air pollution


Updated Oct. 21, 2107

*Immune suppression, inflammatory bowel disease, bacterial infections, lupus, juvenile arthritis, infant mortality, sleep apnea, obesity and suicide are elevated in populations exposed to more air pollution. Prenatal exposure has a particularly strong association with childhood obesity.

*Air pollution can induce liver toxicity, accelerate liver inflammation and steastosis.

*Air pollution increases infant mortality and rates of SIDS

*Air pollution causes systemic oxidative stress, triggers the inflammatory chemical cascade, endothelial cell death, cytotoxicity, macrophage infiltration, and increases lipid deposition. Particulate matter penetrates intracellular structures.

* Air pollution accelerates the aging process and shortens the lengths of telomeres, even in newborns

* Wood smoke is uniquely toxic, the most toxic type of air pollution that most people are ever exposed to.

*Even short term air pollution decreases fertility

*Air pollution is associated with decreased kidney function



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