UPHE Statement on the US government reneging on Paris climate commitments

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For Immediate Release                                                                           June 2, 2017 

UPHE Statement on the US government reneging on Paris climate commitments

Dr. Howie Garber, UPHE Board Member will speak at the Pride March and Rally today

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) is one with nations around the world, state and local government leaders and everyone in the community who expressed their dismay, frustration and anger at the decision to withdraw the United States from our commitment to the Paris climate agreement.

Less we forget, this is a health, social justice and economic issue. There are co-benefits to reducing carbon emissions and air pollutants, and this is the message of the global Unmask My City campaign that UPHE launched in Salt Lake City last month.  Reducing air pollution improves health outcomes and reduces emissions of major climate pollutants such as CO2, black carbon and methane.  Many parts of the world are already impacted by a warming planet and extreme weather events.  In Utah, we expect health impacts from flooding, dust storms, wildfires and the spread of vector-borne diseases.

“From my experience as an ER physician, I have learned that one of the best ways to prevent a catastrophe is to envision it happening,” says Dr. Howie Garber. “Adapting to climate change will require personal sacrifice from everyone. Environmental protection is human protection and protection of our collective future as a species.”   Dr. Howie Garber, a member of UPHE’s Board of Directors, will speak at the Pride March and Rally at Salt Lake City today from 5 – 8 pm, Harvey Milk Blvd/900 E.  Speeches start at 6 pm. 

“We have a very small window to reverse or mitigate the course of climate change and air pollution, and this is critical given people around the world are affected right now. We need to think and act as global citizens,” says UPHE Executive Director Denni Cawley.  “We say that everyone deserves to breathe clean air and enjoy a stable climate so UPHE will bring this message to more health professionals, to our leaders and to the community.”

UPHE Board President, Dr. Brian Moench echoes the sentiment of the French President, “Despite the bewildering move by the White House, we will be working even harder to make the climate, our air, the environment, and the planet ‘great again.’”


UPHE Air Pollution and Climate Change

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