UPHE and AIR Partnership!


We receive a lot of questions on air filters for homes, so UPHE is happy to announce our partnership with a new Utah-based company called Air! Air provides air filters delivered at your door exactly when you need to change it. It’s a great reminder that it’s time to change your air filters and saves you time and money. The type of filter and frequency will also depend on the context of your home situation and they have the expertise on this (ex. Do you have pets? Special health needs?).

Use the Promo Code “UPHE AIR” at checkout and get your first filter for free AND they will also donate $10 to UPHE for each subscription to help the work that we do. Try them for free and if you do not see a difference in your indoor air quality you can cancel at any time at no cost.

Go to: Rememberair.com/

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