What UPHE did in 2015

*Helped accomplish the passage of a new law that permits Utah to enact tougher air quality regulations than the EPA currently allows.

*Intensified the national spotlight on the high rates of infant deaths in the Uinta Basin, this time by facilitating a feature story in Rolling Stone magazine.

*Spearheaded the historic clean air rallies on Capitol Hill the last two years that have drawn drawn thousands of people demanding clean air.

*Opened a new office and hired Beth Haynes as UPHE’s Outreach and Membership Director.

*With our allies UPHE settled a critical lawsuit forcing Tesoro and the other Utah oil refineries to update and bring their Clean Air Act Title V permits into compliance, something that hadn’t been done for 20 years.

*Worked with Salt Lake and Summit County officials to get Utah’s toughest restrictions on wood burning implemented.

*Worked with allies all across the nation in getting new Clean Air Act rules passed for the 137 oil refineries in the U.S., rules that will now regulate flaring, reduce fugitive emissions, and require more monitoring.

*Saw our battle to stop Kennecott’s large mine expansion come to an end when Kennecott announced it was withdrawing its permit for adding an additional rock crusher.

*Worked with citizens in Draper and Salt Lake County to successfully oppose an expansion of the Geneva gravel pit at Point of the Mountain.

*Argued before the Utah Supreme Court our lawsuit to stop the expansion of the Tesoro Refinery, which could add 59 more tons of PM2.5 to our airshed (that’s a lot of pollution).

*Held public seminars on the latest medical research on how air pollution affects the brain, fetal development and pregnancy outcomes.

*UPHE has helped fight the Sevier Power Plant, whose final nail in the coffin was driven this fall.

*UPHE submitted numerous, heavily researched, widely acclaimed technical reports to state and federal regulators on issues like ozone standards, coal leases, the clean power plan and the mountain accord.

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